Hedge Trimming Somerton

For hedge trimming in Somerton, get in touch with our experienced team. As knowledgeable arborists, we have the skill required to tame and shape hedgerows while keeping them in optimal health. All our work will revitalise your greenery and is available for a very competitive price. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you would like additional information on our services.

Hedge Cutting

We carry out hedge cutting on both residential and commercial premises and, following our service, clear all the resulting green waste from your site. Whether you require our services for eliminating dead wood, cutting back excess overgrowth or just a tidy up, we offer expert solutions and leave your premises looking presentable. With certain laws in place surrounding the cutting of hedges, to protect British wildlife, it is essential that you hire a professional team to take care of them. Here at our company, we always adhere to the regulations, carrying out work responsibly and conscientiously.

Hedge Shaping

Hedge shaping will not only improve the overall appearance of your premises but will improve the health of your hedgerow. Pruning hedges, as with tree crown reduction, enables sunlight to reach the lower leaves and branches, encouraging growth and providing the nutrients your hedgerow requires to thrive. If needed, hedges can also be shaped to increase sunlight exposure for plants in the nearby areas. Subsequently, the health of other shrubs and herbaceous plants on your premises can be improved.

Routine Hedge Care

To ensure that your hedges remain in the best state possible, you can arrange for us to perform routine hedgerow care. Ongoing hedge care is a great idea for all gardens and grounds, particularly large estates and agricultural land. Following an inspection of your site, we can tailor our services to meet your needs and provide a competitive price.

A Master Craftsman. Peter Raybould did a brilliant job – Thirty five metres of massively overgrown hedging reduced neatly to half with two tons of material removed from site in 1.5 days. He is fast, thorough, skilled, precise, tidy and clearly very experienced. He is well equipped, works safely and with care for the future development of the trees as well as the surrounding shrubs and plants. The site was left cleaner than he found it! His charges were very fair and I would certainly use him again. Very Highly Recommended. 

JohnB-2718 Yell.com

Call Peter Raybould Tree Surgeon

Call Peter Raybould Tree Surgeon today if you require hedge trimming in Somerton or elsewhere within a 15 mile radius. Whether you are based locally or in a nearby area including Langport, Street, Glastonbury, Yeovil or South Somerset, we can come to you.
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